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Make sure you have a ticket! You can get it from any Dickson County Right to Life Member.

Show it to the cashier when you purchase anything, even food, just not token games, and we will be earning 10% of your purchase.

Thank You in advance for bringing your family to encourage an atmosphere that honors life! We will also be holding a silent auction.





Our Mission Statement:


Dickson County Right To Life is dedicated to the task of serving the Dickson community through education and service. Our goal is to help to restore the civil rights of the unborn child through the legistature, to support mothers and babies, and to promote education about right to life issues in our community..

We oppose actions contrary to the laww and strongly reject the use of violent means to counter the violence of abortion. We further reject attempts to link isolated incidents of violence to the Pro-Life movement.



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Abortions in the United States since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling... One abortion every 25 seconds!